This is just some back story I am going to alter this pansy shit and make it good, this is just an overview of the shit that happened real story beneath

Realms, both wondrous and dire, border the world.
“One such realm is the Shadowfell. Although not inherently evil, the Shadowfell is fraught with dangers,
and the bar- rier between worlds can be thin. Sometimes the darkness breaks into the light.
Nearly two hundred years ago, a cult of the demon prince Orcus purposely created such a gap,
connecting one of Orcus’s unholy Shadowfell sites to the world. Skel- etons, zombies, and fouler
creatures f looded through the rift into the light of day. The empire of Nerath dispatched
legionnaires to eliminate the threat. The empire’s soldiers
destroyed the undead, sealed the opening, and built a keep to watch over the location and contain
the threat. This is the site known as the Keep on the Shadowfell.
Decades of peace followed, and the village of Winter- haven arose within sight of the keep.
Eventually, the great fort fell into ruins and its grand purpose forgotten. Today, it is seen as
a harmless tumble of stone and wood.
If only that were true.”

HELLOO all children, this campaign is just to see if all all like the game. This campaign is going to DMed, which is to say i will make sure charlie doesn’t rape anyone, by Me and bryn (taking turns) and you guys can acess this site for information on all the shit and all other related stuff message me for more details concerning dates and that stuff.
Shadowfell is essentially about a few retards who opened a portal and then got shut down by the tards of the day
200 years later
The tards get destroyed cos they are tards and now there is just a pissy town left which is going to shit, you are walking to this town for what ever reason
>your cat is weird
>you are just plain legendary
>cos you want to
>some shit
So thats the basis of the adventure, and you pretty much have to pillage, trick and thwack your way through many caverns and shit, something something and then kill some boss
hope like this stuff children
hotrabbit98 out

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keep on shadowfell

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